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International Space Station Research & Development (ISSRD) Conference 2018 PRESENTATION

Mars Academy USA (MAU) and Space Surgery Institute (SSI) accepted to presentation "Teleanesthesia-telesurgery training of astronauts in simulations using gamification, integrating VRAR and solar powered 3D (bio) printing" at the recent International Space Station Research & Development , ISSRC, conference in San Francisco. Sponsored by NASA and CASIS ( Center for Advancement of Science) 


Next Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference (NSRC2018) Presentation

Mars Academy USA (MAU) was accepted to present at the NSRC2018 conference held in Broomsfield, Colorado. The presentation highlighted MAU's ongoing and pioneering research focusing on the development of exponential technologies and protocols for teleanesthesia-telesurgery simulation training of non-medical and retraining of analog astronauts living in isolation and confinement in austere environments. 

Teleannesthesia-telesurgery Sim Training_Poster.jpg

AsMA2018- Panel.jpg

Mars Academy USA team accepted in the space medicine panel to present at the Aerospace Medical Association, AsMA, 2018 conference in Dallas, Texas.

It was an honor for MUA's team to be accepted to form a panel and present at the AsMA conference this year on space medicine. The panel was chaired by Dr Ilaria CInelli PhD (President-elect of Aerospace Human Factors Association), Dr Dwight Hilland, MD PhD (President, Biomedical and Engineering Association / Past President, Space Medicine Association), Dr Carlos Salicrup MD ( MAU Crew 1115- Mars Medics II), Dr Nancy Mercado MD ( MAU Crew 1114 - Mars Medics I).


The International Astronautical Conference, IAC 2018 accepts for MARS ACADEMY USA abstracts to be presented at the upcoming October conference in Bremen Germany.


Mars Academy USA (MAU) sponsoring the recent NASA Space App Challenge for students in Pasadena, California in October 2018.

The winning team won a full scholarship to participate as a crew in an upcoming MAU low-fidelity analog astronaut training mission and an opportunity to test out their early prototype.