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NEAMAE Project


Mars Academy USA (MAU) deploys fully immersive ‘real-time” analog astronaut missions to austere “Isolated and Confined Environments” (known as I.C.E.) to various extreme martian analog regions on Earth, such as, Nepal (Himalayas), Everest Basecamp, Africa (Kilimanjaro), Americas (North & South), Arctic, Antarctica. This project is collectively called the "NEAMAE PROJECT". These missions are comprised of highly trained, experienced medical professionals and scientific researcher and explorers who possess vast skills, deep knowledge and expertise in areas of aerospace and space medicine, extreme environment medicine, wilderness and survival training certifications, aviation, including, mountaineering and scuba diving skills. These expeditions are extremely challenging and candidates selected are highly motivated, driven and passionate about human exploration, on Earth and in Space, and a deep desire to become"Scientist Astronauts" and pioneering innovators, explorers and adventurers. We are building a community of “extra-ordinary heroes” who will support and enable humanity to become a ‘multi-planetary species” to thrive in space and to make new discoveries to improve life on Earth.


  1. ANALOG ASTRONAUT TRAINING MISSIONS: The project will last over five to seven years and will follow and train teams of highly skilled analog astronaut crews from low-fidelity missions to mid-, and high fidelity expeditions.

  2. DOCUMENTARY FILM SERIES: The project will follow the journey of the analog astronaut crews over the duration of their training missions. It will document their personal challenges, successes, failures, and new technological discoveries and innovations produced as they forge new ideas and new paradigms for humanity’s quest to conquer the next frontier of Space and to enable a future for life on Mars.

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