Mars Academy USA

Austere Missions



MAU's austere missions are collectively called the "NEAMAE PROJECT" and are for highly trained, experienced professionals who possess the skills, knowledge, expertise in space medicine, extreme medicine, wilderness and survival training certification including mountaineering and diving skills. These missions are extremely challenging and candidates selected are highly motivated, driven and passionate about human exploration, on Earth and in Space, with a deep desire to become"scientist astronauts" and pioneering innovators, explorers and adventurers. 

Prerequisites: Candidates who have completed MAU's  Low-fidelity long-duration mission and Commandership Training Program will be able to join:

- MID-FIDELITY TRAINING MISSIONS: These are mid-fidelity missions lasting between 4- 6 weeks in full analog astronaut immersion in an isolated, confined environment (I.C.E) at various Mars analog locations. Altitude between 6,oooft - 9,000ft above sea level, E.g., Mexico, Hawaii, Africa (Kilimanjaro).  Risk Category: Medium to high

- HIGH FIDELITY TRAINING MISSIONS: These are high-fidelity missions lasting 4-6 weeks in full analog astronaut immersion in an isolated, confined environment (I.C.E) at various Mars analog locations. Altitude between 10,000 - 19,000ft above sea level or in extreme temperatures. E,g, Arctic, Himalayas/Nepal. Everest, Antarctica. Risk Category: High